1 day ago, 00:06
@StandardMedia - By: Standard Reporter
Firm distances itself from fake stamps report

?An Indian firm awarded a tender to supply secure standardisation mark stickers and stamps has denied reports that it is doing shoddy work leading to ...

Category: business news
1 day ago, 00:06
@StandardMedia - By: Dr Moses Olum
Get it right with feed needs of a nursing cow

Like a breastfeeding mother, a nursing cow has special diet needs and if they are not met, the animal will not perform its critical role. ...

Category: business news
1 day ago, 23:14
@AfricaNews - By: Africanews
Ivory Coast aims to grind 1 million tonnes of cocoa beans by 2022 | Africanews

Ivory Coast has an installed grinding capacity of 712,000 tonnes. Increasing that capacity and new grinding units will enable it to reach the target within the next four years, CCC deputy head Yao N'g ...

Category: africa africa_business business news
1 day ago, 00:06
@StandardMedia - By: George Mbakaya
Stubborn weeds? Use flame for better results

Weeding under this method is done by generat¬ing intense heat through torch that scorches the leaves of the weeds. ...

Category: business news
1 day ago, 22:21
@DailyNation - By: Faith Nyamai
Brazil farmers shift to plastic mulching

Crops in the 10 acres used to be attacked by pests until group was advised to try something new ...

Category: business news
1 day ago, 22:15
@DailyNation - By: Peter Changtoek
Tissue culture plantlet business pays: Expert

PhD holder gives advice to farmers and clients, links them to markets. His passion for raising seedlings started many years ago. ...

Category: topnews news business
1 day ago, 22:21
@DailyNation - By: Subiri Obwogo
Diary of a poultry farmer: Producing eggs during cold seasons

Chickens, like human beings, require a balanced diet ...

Category: business news
1 days ago, 13:54
@StandardMedia - By: Dpps
Government plans to merge AFC, ADC and NCPB

The Government plans to merge three state corporations to enhance service delivery, Deputy President William Ruto has said. ...

Category: business news
1 day ago, 14:26
@TheEastAfrican - By: Bbc
Somalia exports fish after 30-year break

The civil war in Somalia has prevented many businesses from developing. ...

Category: topnews news business
1 day ago, 17:43
@CITIZENTV - By: Kepha Muiruri
Tuskys deploys cash deposit machines to curb fraud

Tuskys deploys cash deposit machines to curb fraud ...

Category: topnews news business


8 hours ago, 00:05
@StandardMedia - By: Patrick Alushula
Once profitable firms battle to survive under crushing debts

Once profitable firms in Kenya fighting to survive under crushing debts. ...

Category: business news
8 hours ago, 00:14
@StandardMedia - By: Frankline Sunday
Data Protection Bill 2018

Guilty parties will be liable to a fine of up to Sh500, 000 or jailed for a term not exceeding two years, or both. ...

Category: business news topnews
8 hours ago, 00:05
@StandardMedia - By: Boniface Gikandi
Tea farmers in Murang’a County narrate tribulations to senators

Tea farmers in Murang’a want the government to write off their loans, even as they recounted their suffering to senators. ...

Category: business news
8 hours ago, 00:05
@StandardMedia - By: Otiato Guguyu
Top Athi River Mining bosses jump sinking ship as Pradeep takes firm grip on the stern

When Athi River Mining (ARM) Cement made a Sh6.9 billion loss, the cost of running the company had suddenly shot up by 55 per cent. ...

Category: business news
1 day ago, 08:15
@BusinessDaily - By: Neville Otuki
ERC urges motorist to keep receipts in dirty fuel fight

Lower tax on paraffin was originally meant to cushion low-income households from high cost of living but profit-hungry traders have turned it into a cash cow that earns them millions of shillings. ...

Category: business economy news markets lifestyle opinion
1 day ago, 00:00
@StandardMedia - By: Brian Kisanji
Farmers tell state to dismantle cartels

Farmers’ representatives in Kakamega County are calling for quick investigation and arrest of those who imported poisonous sugar into the country. ...

Category: business news
20 hours ago, 12:07
@AfricaNews - By: Africanews
OPEC agrees to increase oil production by 1- mln barrels per day from July 1 | Africanews

OPEC member states and other world oil pumpers have jointly cut their production by 1.2 million barrels per day since 2016 to balance the oil market for 18 months ...

Category: africa topnews news africa_business business
1 day ago, 07:29
@BusinessDaily - By: James Kariuki
CEOs favour rate cap, fresh survey reveals

Law review should be geared by need to improve small firms loan access. ...

Category: business news lifestyle markets opinion economy
1 day ago, 07:43
@BusinessDaily - By: George Omondi
Treasury directive set to unlock billions in county bills

The Controller of Budgets report shows the devolved units had accumulated debts totalling Sh100 billion by end of 2014/15. ...

Category: business news lifestyle corporate economy
1 day ago, 08:01
@BusinessDaily - By: Bonface Otieno
Firm plans 16 more SGR cargo trains

Freighters have been paying a flat fee of Sh35,000 for a 20-foot container and Sh40,000 for a 40-foot container from Mombasa to the ICD. ...

Category: business news lifestyle economy opinion
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