1 day ago, 17:32
@BusinessDaily - By: Nasibo Kabale
Health PS scanty on details as equipment leasing hits Sh9bn

The Ministry of Health says it has more than doubled the cost of managed equipment service (MES) to cater for additional items and technology to link them up. ...

Category: business news
1 day ago, 16:22
@BusinessDaily - By: Bitange Ndemo
NDEMO: Innovation lessons from the World Cup

In real life, we make mistakes when we ignore the real workers “best teams” and seek to glorify the “best” worker in our organisations. ...

Category: business lifestyle news corporate economy markets
1 day ago, 16:44
@DailyNation - By: Gerald Andae
Tea price decline persists despite drop in volumes

Tea prices at the Mombasa auction fell even as volumes offered for sale declined in the Tuesday auction. ...

Category: business news
1 day ago, 16:43
@BusinessDaily - By: James Ngunjiri
Moi University Sacco’s licence revoked, placed under liquidation

The government has revoked the license of Moi University Sacco and placed it under liquidation. ...

Category: business corporate news
1 day ago, 16:17
@BusinessDaily - By: Editorial
EDITORIAL: Security procurement should be opened up

The so-called security procurement, which allows billions of shillings worth of contracts to be awarded behind closed doors, has become a major point of exposure for Kenyan taxpayers. ...

Category: business news
1 day ago, 14:50
@BusinessDaily - By: Mbugua Njihia
New strategies needed in era of multiple media

This is powerful at a time where traditional media houses may be seen as dancing to a certain tune through the tone of their content. ...

Category: business news lifestyle corporate
1 day ago, 14:48
@BusinessDaily - By: Ivy Nyayieka
App links patients to doctors

Medbit, an e-health mobile app and web platform co-founded by Richard Okenye, is rapidly gaining popularity. ...

Category: business news
1 day ago, 17:53
@StandardMedia - By: Henry Maina
Creating jobs the KTN’s Talanta Mtaani reality show way

Show to nurture talent from all walks of life and is not limited to music ...

Category: business news
1 day ago, 17:42
@StandardMedia - By: Reuters
Kenya’s financial hub set for launch this year, says Rotich

Kenya will launch its international financial centre in the capital Nairobi later this year to attract large foreign financial firms ...

Category: business news
1 day ago, 17:24
@CapitalFMNews - By: Margaret Njugunah
Battle for data customers intensifies as Airtel gains subscribers in Q3

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 18 -    The battle for a pie of internet subscribers in Kenya continues to heat up as new entrants battle it out with established Kenya breaking news | Kenya news today | ...

Category: business


9 hours ago, 09:02
@BusinessDaily - By: Galgallo Fayo
High Court suspends 'Robin Hood' tax on bank transfers

Petition raised fundamental constitutional questions, including the principle of public participation, court finds ...

Category: business opinion news topnews corporate
8 hours ago, 10:39
@BusinessDaily - By: Maureen Kakah
Court halts new mobile money tax

Judge cites the likely impracticality of compensating taxpayers already affected. ...

Category: business news
6 hours ago, 11:54
@StandardMedia - By: Lee Mwiti
Confusion over number of Chinese workers under SGR

Figures given by Government are different from those given by Chinese firm contracted to manage SGR. ...

Category: business news
7 hours ago, 11:39
@StandardMedia - By: Elizabeth Mulae
Lessons from Rwanda: What Nairobi can learn from Kigali

As we struggle with garbage collection and bodaboda menace, Rwanda has it all under control. ...

Category: business news
11 hours ago, 07:26
@BusinessDaily - By: Constant Munda
Kenya firms up innovation hub status with Sh14bn deals

Kenya is a world leader in mobile innovations after Safaricom’s M-Pesa became the first mobile app on the planet to enable mobile phone users to send and receive money. ...

Category: business news economy
12 hours ago, 06:29
@BusinessDaily - By: Brian Ngugi
Wealthy Kenyans stash Sh96bn in Swiss banks

Capital flight continues as authorities mount pressure to end shadowy accounts ...

Category: business news markets economy corporate lifestyle opinion
7 hours ago, 11:24
@StandardMedia - By: Lee Mwiti
Confusion over number of Chinese workers under SGR

Figures given by Government are different from those given by Chinese firm contracted to manage SGR. ...

Category: business news
7 hours ago, 10:48
@StandardMedia - By: Bs Mulavi
Whole Set Pump System for Copper Mining Site

Slurry Pump, Water Pump, Sewage Pump, Chemical Pump Manufacturers and Suppliers China - Wholesale Price - Marvelu ...

Category: business news topnews
11 hours ago, 07:45
@BusinessDaily - By: Edwin Mutai
MPs demand evidence of UK colonial pensioners’ existence

The National Treasury has two weeks to ascertain the actual existence of British colonial pensioners that Kenya continues to pay millions of shillings 55 years after Independence. ...

Category: business news
8 hours ago, 10:38
@StandardMedia - By: Ferdinand Mwongela ...
Land prices in Karen, Nairobi up 32-fold in 20 years

Land values in Karen, Nairobi, have risen by more than 3,200 per cent in 20 years ...

Category: business news
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