2 days ago, 09:39
@BusinessDaily - By: Charles Wanyoro
Donkey keepers protest rising theft cases

Animals sought for their meat and skin by abattoirs, ...

Category: business news economy corporate lifestyle
2 days ago, 09:57
@BusinessDaily - By: Reuters
Ethiopia plans to split telecoms monopoly in two to spur

The stakes in Ethio Telecom will be allocated to firms that are ranked top 10 in the industry globally, PM says ...

Category: business news markets corporate
2 days ago, 08:43
@BusinessDaily - By: Victor Juma
TransCentury losses erode capital to negative Sh112m

The capital depletion means shareholders will not get a cent if the company was to be liquidated today to pay off creditors. ...

Category: business markets news economy lifestyle corporate
2 days ago, 08:18
@BusinessDaily - By: James Kariuki
Govt orders tests on all sugar stocks at traders' cost

The move could lead to an increase in the retail price of sugar. ...

Category: business news corporate markets economy lifestyle topnews opinion
2 days ago, 07:36
@BusinessDaily - By: Charles Mwaniki
Beer, water prices to rise in inflation tax plan

Treasury reverts to annual adjustment on excise duty amid pressure to raise revenue ...

Category: business news corporate markets
2 days ago, 06:32
@BusinessDaily - By: Edwin Mutai
Muraguri on the spot over Sh1 billion portable clinics

Audit reveals that the ministry paid Sh800 million for portable clinics before installing, commissioning and handing them over. ...

Category: business news markets economy corporate
2 days ago, 06:49
@BusinessDaily - By: Galgallo Fayo
AG opposes KPCU’s bid to resume trade at coffee exchange

Union has not complied with coffee regulations that requires it to provide a Sh1 billion bank guarantee ...

Category: business economy news corporate lifestyle
3 days ago, 16:32
@BusinessDaily - By: Gitonga Marete
Family turns millet, sorghum flour into thriving business

Paul Gitonga started milling millet and sorghum and packaging the flour into various quantities ranging from a quarter a kilo to two kilos. ...

Category: business corporate news
3 days ago, 16:25
@BusinessDaily - By: Queen Munguti
Car dealers change tack over rise in import duty

Car dealers have turned to strategies such as vehicle-import-financing to boost sales due to the rise in import duty. ...

Category: business corporate news
2 days ago, 17:53
@BusinessDaily - By: Bd Reporter
Equity Bank bags Chinese company loans deal

Equity Group has signed a two-year deal with China National Aero-technology International Engineering Corporation (AVIC-ENG) that opens a credit line for the Chinese firm in East Africa. ...

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14 hours ago, 03:00
@BusinessDaily - By: Constant Munda
Borrowers get credit score to negotiate cost of loans

Small businesses and individuals with good borrowing history can now obtain their credit scores and use them to negotiate better loan terms with banks if Parliament repeals the interest rate capping ...

Category: business lifestyle news corporate economy opinion markets
22 hours ago, 18:22
@BusinessDaily - By: Sam Kiplagat
Ngiritas can’t afford Sh5m NYS case bond

Five Ngirita family members on Wednesday pleaded with a Nairobi court to reduce their bond terms saying they could not raise the Sh5 million cash bail to secure their release. ...

Category: business lifestyle news corporate economy
1 day ago, 17:19
@BusinessDaily - By: Kevin Mutiso
LETTERS: Micro-lenders should work with regulators

Micro-lenders should however be ready to work with regulators to ensure that measures are put in place to ensure over-indebtedness becomes a thing of the past. ...

Category: business news markets lifestyle corporate economy opinion
23 hours ago, 18:20
@BusinessDaily - By: John Mutua
Sober Central Kenya leads the pack

Central has one of the lowest rates of alcohol consumption according to a recent survey, highlighting the success of ongoing anti-drinking campaigns. ...

Category: business economy news markets corporate opinion
23 hours ago, 18:10
@BusinessDaily - By: Ivy Nyayieka
StanChart moots video service for affluent clients

Standard Chartered Bank has opened a new channel for distributing wealth management products in the country. ...

Category: business economy news lifestyle markets corporate
1 day ago, 12:55
@BusinessDaily - By: Bonface Otieno
Isuzu opens Sh700m vehicle body plant in Nairobi

The body-building facility is expected to create hundreds of jobs ...

Category: business lifestyle news economy markets corporate opinion
1 day ago, 07:06
@BusinessDaily - By: Victor Juma
Bank CEOs pay hits 50 times what staff earn

A typical bank employee needs five decades to equal a CEO’s pay in one year. ...

Category: business news lifestyle markets opinion economy topnews corporate
1 day ago, 07:45
@BusinessDaily - By: Victor Juma
Top two UAP executives get Sh105m annual pay

The figure is a drop from the Sh110.7m pay in previous period. ...

Category: business news corporate lifestyle markets opinion economy
1 day ago, 07:56
@BusinessDaily - By: Collins Omulo
Rains will be back this week, Met says

Lake Victoria basin, highlands around Rift Valley and the Coastal strip will receive rains for the next seven days. ...

Category: business opinion news economy corporate lifestyle
1 day ago, 07:11
@BusinessDaily - By: Geoffrey Irungu
Traders of fakes face Sh5m minimum fine

Move comes at the height of an intensified crackdown on counterfeit goods. ...

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