4 days ago, 22:17
@ParentsMagazine - By: Lauren Pardee
Video of Toddler with Down Syndrome Singing 'You Are My Sunshine' With Older Sister Goes Viral

If this isn't a display of happiness in its purest form, I don't know what is. ...

Category: magazine parents parents_toddlers parents_pre-schoolers
3 days ago, 21:55
@ParentsMagazine - By: Jenna Helwig
Want a Free Kid’s Meal From Chipotle? Get Reading!

Calling all teachers! The popular Mexican food chain is offering a free meal to children who meet their reading goals. Here’s how to get it. ...

Category: magazine parents recipes recipes_western
3 days ago, 21:36
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Aline Peres Martin ...
This Workout Keeps Burning Calories For Hours After You're Done

Should your fitness routine consist only of HIIT workouts? Probably not. ...

Category: magazine women women_fitness fitness
3 days ago, 22:16
@ParentsMagazine - By: Lauren Pardee
Trend Alert: Target Announces Exclusive Line of Organic Simply Balanced Kombucha

The fermented drink is said to relieve fatigue, stress, acne, headaches, constipation, and hypertension, but does it taste good? ...

Category: magazine parents recipes recipes_western
3 days ago, 21:36
@ParentsMagazine - By: Jenn Sinrich
Yes, You Can Breastfeed a Surrogate Baby

Just because you didn't carry or deliver your baby, doesn't mean you can't reap the benefits of breastfeeding. ...

Category: magazine parents
4 days ago, 20:38
@ParentsMagazine - By: Lauren Pardee
Actress Lupita Nyong’o Set to Publish Empowering Children's Book—'Sulwe'

Nyong'o hopes the story, based on her own upbringing in Kenya, will instill life-long values in the minds of her young readers.&nb ...

Category: magazine parents parents_toddlers parents_pre-schoolers parents_fun family_fun
2 days ago, 22:45
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Ron Damora Kristin ...
'I Had Vaginal Reconstruction Surgery And It Transformed My Sex Life'

Before I had children, my sex life was wonderful. I’ve been married for nine years, and at the start, my husband and I both had high sex drives and our intimate life was thriving. After the birth of m ...

Category: magazine women
2 days ago, 09:48
@TheEastAfrican - By: Afp
Vladimir Putin plunges into freezing water to mark Epiphany

Russian leader dips into icy waters to commemorate the baptism of Jesus. ...

Category: topnews news magazine
3 days ago, 22:15
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: The Editors Of Wom ...
5 Super-Easy Ways To Make Veggie Chips That Don't Involve Kale

This was excerpted with permission from Women's Health's Healthy Meals For One (or Two) from Rodale Books, an imprint of Rodale, Inc. ...

Category: magazine women
4 days ago, 18:00
@Zumi - By: Reina Kimeu
What Is This Now? Fake Fenty Beauty Is Now In Kenya? - ZUMI

Fenty beauty fakes look nothing like the real deal. You will not believe how much they go for! ...

Category: magazine zumi women beauty


1 hours ago, 21:04
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Jessie Van Amburg
This Is How To Slice A Huge-Ass Watermelon Without Fear

Watermelons are crowdpleasers for a reason. They're sweet and juicy, work well in salads and all other kinds of dishes, and are packed with antioxidants while being low in calories. Really, what's not ...

Category: magazine women
2 hours ago, 19:33
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Elana Lyn Gross
There's Another Royal Wedding Happening This Year—Here's What You Have To Know

Prince Harry isn't the only British royalty getting married this year—there will be another royal wedding in 2018, too! ...

Category: magazine women
2 days ago, 18:37
@TheEastAfrican - By: Allan Olingo
COSTE: KQ direct flights to US will offer more flexibility to travellers

Kenya Airways CCO speaks on the viability of the new route. ...

Category: topnews news magazine
4 days ago, 20:50
@Zumi - By: Reina Kimeu
Tia From 'Sister Sister' Shares DIY Treatments That Help Keep Skin Smooth & Acne Free - ZUMI

Your Saturdays will never be the same again. ...

Category: magazine zumi women beauty
4 days ago, 11:22
@Zumi - By: Faiza Hemed
Instagram Is Now Letting You Know If Your Bestie Is Ignoring You, See How - ZUMI

Our message to Mark is that his team should focus on refining the filters because they're lacking in creativity instead of exposing ...

Category: magazine zumi women celebrity living
2 days ago, 01:50
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Nicoletta Richards ...
15 Romantic Weekend Getaways That You Need To Book ASAP

You finally put a weekend aside for you and bae—a chance to spend that overdue one-on-one time together without any distractions involved. No work to be done, no apartment to be cleaned, and no friend ...

Category: magazine women
2 days ago, 01:32
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Kristine Thomason
Olympian Lindsey Vonn's Gym Routine Is Nothing Short Of Badass

You might imagine that training to compete as an Olympic skier involves speeding down snowy mountains day in and day out. While there’s plenty of time spent practicing on the slopes, that’s certainly ...

Category: magazine women women_fitness fitness
2 days ago, 00:54
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Allison Young
'6 Things That Happened When I Tried Intermittent Fasting For A Week'

Let me start by saying I'm not a girl who forgets to eat. Never will you hear me utter Did I eat lunch? Food has always been a driving force in my life: If I'm not eating it, I'm plotting to eat, and ...

Category: magazine women women's_weight_loss weight_loss
2 days ago, 22:14
@TheEastAfrican - By: Michael Otieno
Do direct flights mean lower fares?

Airlines generally charge more for a direct flight than a connecting flight. ...

Category: topnews news magazine
2 days ago, 16:42
@Zumi - By: Angela Mulehi
Kate Is So Over Online Dating And She's Telling Us Why - ZUMI

You will so relate. ...

Category: magazine zumi women love
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