1 weeks ago, 07:43
@BusinessDaily - By: Patrick Alushula
Tea farmers rake in record Sh64bn

Tea farmers have earned a record gross payment of Sh85.74 billion riding on a bumper harvest in the past season. ...

Category: business markets news opinion
1 weeks ago, 19:00
@BusinessDaily - By: Mohamed Ahmed
Firms shortlisted for Nyali bridge project

Plans for the construction of the second Nyali Bridge in Mombasa are a notch higher after the government identified three companies to partner with in its development. ...

Category: business corporate news opinion markets
1 weeks ago, 18:07
@BusinessDaily - By: Annie Njanja
Mushrooms start-up in race for Sh2.5 million prize

Two Kenyan entrepreneurs are among 20 finalists of the 2018 edition of Anzisha Prize, a programme that accelerates innovation on the continent and supported by Africa Leadership Academy (ALA) and ...

Category: business news lifestyle corporate markets opinion
1 weeks ago, 17:50
@BusinessDaily - By: Brian Ocharo
DPP says no to UK travel for tycoon in Sonko bribery case

Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Noordin Haji wants a Nairobi tycoon facing bribery case stopped from flying to the United Kingdom arguing he is running away from prosecution. ...

Category: business opinion news
1 weeks ago, 16:58
@BusinessDaily - By: Galgallo Fayo
Fargo Courier fights city’s car branding fees

Fargo Courier Ltd, which is affiliated to American multinational Wells Fargo, is in court fighting Nairobi City County over a demand to pay vehicle branding fees. ...

Category: business corporate news markets economy opinion
1 weeks ago, 16:40
@BusinessDaily - By: Dennis Kabaara
It’s time Kenyans read between the lines of these economic

It is time again to reconnect the dots. Tax increases to fund a budget hole that implicitly assumes record revenue collection. ...

Category: business opinion news corporate
1 weeks ago, 16:11
@BusinessDaily - By: Doreen Odhiambo
LETTERS: Where did we go wrong in our economic goals?

Kenya will pay Sh122 billion as interest between now and 2021, translating to Sh40 billion annually. ...

Category: business corporate news markets economy opinion
1 weeks ago, 15:28
@BusinessDaily - By: James Kariuki
Study proposes cashback model for funeral cover

Insurance companies can spur uptake of funeral insurance if they introduce a guaranteed partial cashback scheme in the event no death occurs at the policy’s maturity, a new report suggests. ...

Category: business corporate news opinion
1 weeks ago, 15:28
@BusinessDaily - By: Patrick Alushula
Tax on exempt bonds to cut demand, investors’ return

The expanded definition of dividends to cover all benefits (or expenses) by companies to shareholders will erode the returns for investors and reduce the appetite for bonds. ...

Category: business economy news corporate opinion markets
1 weeks ago, 13:54
@BusinessDaily - By: Mwangi Muiruri
Curtain falls on Joseph Kamaru's dramatic musical journey

Prolific musician had several run ins with both President Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel Arap Moi. ...

Category: business corporate news markets economy opinion


4 days ago, 08:25
@BusinessDaily - By: Constant Munda
Banks, pension schemes top finance sources for real estate

Banks’ total loans to the property sector hit a high of Sh371.65 billion in 2017 ...

Category: business opinion news
4 days ago, 08:11
@BusinessDaily - By: The Citizen
Hunt on as Tanzanian billionaire abducted in Dar

Three suspects arrested after billionaire Mohammed Dewji abducted Thursday morning. ...

Category: business lifestyle news opinion
4 days ago, 07:28
@BusinessDaily - By: Brian Ngugi
Wealthy Kenyans hiding Sh15trn in foreign banks

The papers named 191 individuals and 25 offshore companies as having links with Kenya. ...

Category: business opinion news
4 days ago, 06:40
@BusinessDaily - By: Galgallo Fayo
Banks now allowed to blacklist guarantors of bad loans

Decision expected to adversely affect the activities of lenders who require guarantors to disburse credit. ...

Category: business news opinion economy
4 days ago, 06:06
@BusinessDaily - By: Constant Munda
State kick-starts process of selling Kwal, Agrochemical

Sales part of a plan to improve the State’s finances and to transfer the running of businesses to the private sector. ...

Category: business news corporate opinion
4 days ago, 05:47
@BusinessDaily - By: Edwin Mutai
Ouko queries Sh1.3bn telcos poll pay

Millions were spent on data and modems for election results transmission that were never used ...

Category: business news lifestyle corporate opinion
4 days ago, 18:00
@BusinessDaily - By: Scott Bellows
BELLOWS: How to have balanced life in a world of propaganda

Do not view outliers as trends, but consider averages and find scientific themes in search for truth. ...

Category: business lifestyle news corporate markets opinion economy
4 days ago, 16:59
@BusinessDaily - By: James Kariuki
CBA plans digital platform to gauge customer creditworthiness

Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) is building a digital platform where small and medium enterprises’ commercial transactions will be recorded and a data-based financial history generated for each ...

Category: business news corporate markets opinion lifestyle
4 days ago, 16:50
@CITIZENTV - By: Citizen Reporter
BWIRE: Media capture; internal reflection only way out

Outside the global challenges that are currently facing the media, journalists in Kenya are doing well in terms of quality and timely content to the audiences, but more can be done. ...

Category: topnews news opinion
5 days ago, 11:08
@BusinessDaily - By: The New York Time ...
In Nigeria, plans for the world’s largest refinery

Some 7,000 employees are working around the clock on the site. ...

Category: business opinion news economy lifestyle corporate
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