1 weeks ago, 12:22
@DailyNation - By: Ndung’u Gachane
Democratic Party urges MPs to drop 'greedy' plan for higher perks

Kioni urges MPs to be mindful of tax payers already burdened by the high cost of living. ...

Category: topnews news counties politics
1 weeks ago, 08:34
@DailyNation - By: Ibrahim Oruko
Senate wants Henry Rotich, Willy Bett prosecuted over maize scandal

Indian envoy and Treasury CS to blame for massive imports, says Senate committee. ...

Category: topnews news politics
1 weeks ago, 00:00
@StandardMedia - By: Wainaina Ndung'u
Kiraitu wants top leadership level expanded for peace

Governor says government in which many regions feel adequately represented will achieve faster development. ...

Category: politics news
1 weeks ago, 00:07
@StandardMedia - By: The Standard Team
MPs defy leaders on Gender Bill

Proposal required at least 233 members in the House for it to be subjected to vote. ...

Category: politics news
1 weeks ago, 10:36
@DailyNation - By: Oscar Obonyo
Uhuru sailing in smooth political waters a year after swearing-in

The landscape has changed with his main rivals Raila and Kalonzo' working with his government. ...

Category: topnews news politics
1 weeks ago, 16:45
@StandardMedia - By: Jael Mboga
Vote on two-thirds gender House representation rule deferred

Duale dismissed claims that if the bill is not voted on today it will flop. ...

Category: politics news
1 weeks ago, 14:35
@StandardMedia - By: Jael Mboga
Mbadi whips ODM legislators ahead of gender bill vote

A tough-talking Mbadi seemed to be calling out MPs who are mulling skipping the afternoon session. ...

Category: politics news
1 weeks ago, 12:44
@StandardMedia - By: Jael Mboga
The hurdles in the way of the two thirds gender vote in parliament

Lawyer Gitobu Imanyara has said there is no political will to pass the bill. ...

Category: politics news
1 weeks ago, 08:00
@DailyNation - By: Oscar Obonyo
Uhuru's speech that gave birth to handshake, unity drive

The move to heal the country had all along been on the President’s agenda. ...

Category: topnews news politics
1 weeks ago, 19:57
@StandardMedia - By: Moses Nyamori
Why vote on gender bill may be delayed

National Assembly leadership is considering delaying a vote on the gender Bill to create room for lobbying in its favour ...

Category: politics news


2 days ago, 18:47
@DailyNation - By: Rushdie Oudia
Former Senator Joy Gwendo joys and pains in politics

Gwendo is a tough woman who has, on many occasions, confronted leaders head-on. ...

Category: topnews news politics
2 days ago, 16:40
@StandardMedia - By: Standard Reporter
The role Raila Odinga played after Mwai Kibaki was involved in a road accident in 2002

In a wheelchair, Kibaki took the oath as the 3rd president after an accident but behind the scene, what role did Raila play in the fete? ...

Category: politics news
3 days ago, 11:00
@DailyNation - By: Baya Samuel
Baya: Coast region not under Raila Odinga spell

But Baya said they are still ODM party members. ...

Category: topnews news politics
3 days ago, 06:51
@DailyNation - By: Patrick Lang'at
Nasa MPs back Haji, want Mwilu and Obado to step aside

The lawmakers claimed that the Judiciary is not helping to effectively prosecute suspects. ...

Category: news topnews politics
4 days ago, 10:00
@DailyNation - By: Patrick Lang'at ...
Rebel ODM MPs Dori and Jumwa seek Raila pardon

Dori told Odinga that they were ready to be guided. ...

Category: topnews news politics
4 days ago, 08:56
@StandardMedia - By: Maureen Ongala And ...
Coast leaders push for ‘majimbo’

Governor wants Kenya transformed into a federal state fully to end the fierce fight for presidency in elections. ...

Category: topnews news politics
4 days ago, 13:04
@StandardMedia - By: Osinde Obare
Delegates want Bonny Khalwale kicked out of Ford Kenya

The delegates branded Khalwale as a rebel and should not be allowed to ruin Wetangula's political ambitions. ...

Category: politics news
4 days ago, 17:55
@DailyNation - By: Mohamed Ahmed
MP Dori meets Raila day after ODM team advised his expulsion

Raila says the meeting was of coast leaders including Shahbal. ...

Category: topnews news politics
4 days ago, 16:37
@DailyNation - By: Baya Samuel Char ...
Keen on solving coast problems, Joho and Kingi push for three-tier govt

Joho and Kingi want a system of government that will take care of the coast's needs. ...

Category: topnews news politics
5 days ago, 00:00
@StandardMedia - By: Geoffrey Mosoku
ODM rebel MPs fate lies with party NEC

The two legislators will be summoned before ODM's National Executive Council before the final verdict. ...

Category: politics news
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