3 days ago, 18:27
@ParentsMagazine - By: Holly Pevzner
Shaquille O'Neal is CFO (Chief Fun Officer) for Carnival Cruise Line and We Got the Scoop

Stuck in a no-fun rut? This sports superstar offers slam-dunk yuk-it-up advice. ...

Category: magazine parents parents_fun family_fun
3 days ago, 17:38
@ParentsMagazine - By: Maressa Brown
Flu Epidemic Is Hitting Babies & Young Kids Harder This Year

This Is the worst flu season in years, but experts say there are measures parents can take to protect their little ones. ...

Category: magazine parents parents_toddlers parents_pre-schoolers
3 days ago, 17:18
@TheEastAfrican - By: Nadya Somoei
War over the river between

Smouldering tension had nothing to do with the heat, as two equally fierce men stood, eye to eye. ...

Category: magazine
3 days ago, 17:18
@TheEastAfrican - By: Bamutaraki Musing ...
Race for HiPipo Music Awards

Ugandan musicians Sheebah Karungi and Eddy Kenzo get most nominations. ...

Category: topnews news magazine
3 days ago, 17:18
@TheEastAfrican - By: Susan Muumbi
More land for growing gorilla population in Rwanda

African Wildlife Fund gives 27.8 hectares to Volcanoes National Park. ...

Category: topnews news magazine
3 days ago, 17:15
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Rachael Schultz
What's The Best Move For Super-Defined Triceps: Bench Dip Or Inverted Shoulder Press?

Targeting your triceps—that large muscle on the back of your upper arms—is key to getting a sculpted look. Plus, it builds the kind of strength that lets you hoist yourself out the side of a pool or t ...

Category: magazine women women_fitness fitness
3 days ago, 17:09
@ParentsMagazine - By: Kelly Bryant
5 Reasons We're More Excited About the New Trolls Netflix Series Than Our Kids

Trolls: The Beat Goes On debuts on Netflix on January 19. ...

Category: magazine parents parents_fun family_fun
3 days ago, 16:47
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Gabrielle Kassel
This Is How Gynecologists Soothe Their Own Period Cramps

If your cramps hit like clockwork every month, leaving you curled up on your couch in agony, you know this particular period symptom is a special brand of sucky.   ...

Category: magazine women women's_health health
3 days ago, 16:15
@Zumi - By: Ru Orimba
Lupita Nyongo's Movie Just Broke The Record As The Best Presale Marvel Has Ever Seen - ZUMI

In just 24 hours on Monday 8th, Black Panther stole the crown from Avengers: Civil War made over Sh17.9 Billion on the first weekend. ...

Category: magazine zumi women
4 days ago, 11:54
@Zumi - By: Angela Mulehi
If You Thought Vera Sidika's Pad Was Goals, Wait Till You See This Luxurious Mansion - ZUMI

Even your sponyo can't match this! ...

Category: magazine zumi women living


19 hours ago, 20:30
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Christine Yu
The 5 Best Dishes to Order at Panda Express, According To Nutritionists

While some may argue that Panda Express isn’t exactly authentic Chinese food or the healthiest choice, let’s face it—sometimes kung-pao chicken and lo mein just hits the spot.  ...

Category: magazine women
19 hours ago, 20:27
@ParentsMagazine - By: Maressa Brown
Queen Elizabeth Revealed Princess Charlotte Is More Like a Big Sister to Prince George

The Queen was chatting with a mom and daughter and offered some eyebrow-raisingly adorable insight on the littlest monarch. ...

Category: magazine parents parents_toddlers parents_pre-schoolers
20 hours ago, 19:30
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Jen Glantz
7 Warning Signs Your Relationship Is Toxic, According To Couples Therapists

No one intentionally enters into a bad relationship, and every couple hits a rough patch from time to time. But there's a difference between coping with some temporary glitches and being stuck in a re ...

Category: magazine women
20 hours ago, 19:30
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Jessie Van Amburg
How To Slice Melon Without Making Your Hands A Sticky Mess

Melons are truly nutritional heroes. Cantaloupes in particular are low in calories and sugar while high in nutrients like vitamin A, while fruit-cup favorite honeydew boasts decent amounts of potassiu ...

Category: magazine women
20 hours ago, 19:30
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Deanna Pai
This Is Why You Can't Stop Watching Dr. Pimple Popper's Videos

You may not know her actual name, but you've likely watched her zit-zapping, cyst-draining YouTube videos. Dr. Pimple Popper is an Internet phenom—and now, WH's resident adult-acne pro. Questions at t ...

Category: magazine women
20 hours ago, 18:40
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Danielle Page
5 Women Share The Moment They Realized They Had OCD

"Your OCD is showing." For most of us, obsessive compulsive disorder, or OCD, is something that we joke about when someone is being sooooo type A. We see it in TV and in movies, generally depicted as ...

Category: magazine women women's_health health
22 hours ago, 17:23
@WomensHealthMagazine - By: Reegan Von Wildenr ...
This Couple's Incredible 10-Year Transformation Looks Like They've Aged in Reverse

A couple recently posted a photo on Instagram comparing a shot of them from 10 years ago to a photo of them today, and the difference in jaw-dropping in the best way possible. Dan Hennessey and Wendy ...

Category: magazine women women's_weight_loss weight_loss
22 hours ago, 17:04
@Zumi - By: Reina Kimeu
You Have To See Which Shocking Color Kelly Rowland Chose To Dye Her Eyebrows - ZUMI

Kelly Rowland just started a whole new trend. ...

Category: magazine zumi women beauty
22 hours ago, 17:04
@Zumi - By: Ru Orimba
Ciku Muiruri's Post Is A Must Read: Is Your Male Pedicurists Snooping Under Your Skirt? - ZUMI

According to Ciku Muiruri, male pedicurists have been checking under skirts while they doing pedicures. ...

Category: magazine zumi women
22 hours ago, 17:04
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