4 days ago, 07:07
@BusinessDaily - By: Victor Juma
Old Mutual swaps Sh2.6bn loan into UAP stake

Deal set to dilute existing shareholders, but will raise Old Mutual’s stake in UAP to 63.2 per cent ...

Category: business lifestyle news opinion economy
4 days ago, 07:35
@BusinessDaily - By: Charles Mwaniki
Liquid market piles pressure on shilling as dollar soars

Unit depreciated by 25 cents to the greenback last week ...

Category: business economy news
4 days ago, 06:21
@BusinessDaily - By: Edwin Mutai Nevi ...
MPs annul drones rules over concerns on security, fines

Move is a setback for firms that had plans to use Kenya as launching pad for innovative services ...

Category: business lifestyle news opinion economy markets
4 days ago, 19:00
@BusinessDaily - By: James Ngunjiri
Treasury snubs investors’ Sh43 billion at weekly T-bill auction

Treasury bills subscription hit Sh62.26 billion at the weekly auction with the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) accepting about a third at Sh18.34 billion, turning away Sh43 billion. ...

Category: business news lifestyle economy markets opinion corporate
4 days ago, 19:00
@BusinessDaily - By: Editorial
EDITORIAL: Stiff jail terms proper

The stiff penalties handed out by a local court on two foreigners for printing fake currency are a step in the right direction. ...

Category: business news lifestyle economy markets opinion corporate
4 days ago, 19:00
@BusinessDaily - By: Maureen Kakah
Caretaker in eviction row with tenants seeks to bar arrest

A caretaker of a flat, which hit headlines late last year after its landlord used human waste to evict tenants, is seeking the court’s intervention against being arrested. ...

Category: business news lifestyle economy
4 days ago, 19:00
@BusinessDaily - By: Seraphine Ruligir ...
Break out of comfort zone into your executive self

You need to develop the difference shared by the chosen few if your circumstances are to change. ...

Category: business news lifestyle economy
5 days ago, 16:18
@BusinessDaily - By: James Kariuki
Watch out for fakes on virtual shopping sites

Fraudsters are now targeting those buying goods on the move to make a quick buck. ...

Category: business markets news corporate lifestyle economy
5 days ago, 13:00
@BusinessDaily - By: Kazungu Samuel
Government out to lower cost of crucial projects

Housing, and transport are among the key areas in which it is seeking help from industry players. ...

Category: business opinion news lifestyle corporate economy markets
5 days ago, 18:43
@BusinessDaily - By: George Omondi
Direct insurance purchase push to edge out agents

Kenya’s 10,200 insurance agents face a bleak future as the Treasury pushes on with legal changes that could scrap their role and strip them of a profession. ...

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1 day ago, 07:00
@BusinessDaily - By: Charles Mwaniki
Moody's sees downgrade staying, fiscal deficit intact

Agency says tax revenue unlikely to grow enough to bring down deficit significantly. ...

Category: business news corporate opinion markets lifestyle economy
1 day ago, 09:15
@BusinessDaily - By: Reuters
Dubai's Abraaj sells LATAM, Africa businesses to Colony Capital

The sale is part of a provisional liquidation and restructuring as set out in a court order. ...

Category: business opinion news markets corporate lifestyle economy
1 day ago, 07:12
@BusinessDaily - By: Shreya Karia
In brand building game practice makes winners

Play Book: All great athletes have clear goals and plans on achieving them ...

Category: business news corporate opinion economy
1 day ago, 06:47
@BusinessDaily - By: Edwin Mutai
Nakumatt CEO faces probe in Sh18bn theft

Court-appointed administrator says massive stock write-off does not add up ...

Category: business news economy opinion markets corporate lifestyle
1 day ago, 06:22
@BusinessDaily - By: Edwin Mutai
NCPB holds Sh3 billion maize unfit for humans

1.771 million bags of maize are in 50-kilogramme bags but the State bought 90-kilogramme bags at Sh3,200 each from the farmers. ...

Category: business economy news
1 day ago, 05:26
@BusinessDaily - By: Reuters
Moscow runs low on beer necessities for thirsty World Cup fans

Bars and restaurants in the Russian capital are running low and having to wait longer than usual for fresh supplies. ...

Category: business news corporate economy
1 day ago, 03:00
@BusinessDaily - By: Constant Munda
Borrowers get credit score to negotiate cost of loans

Small businesses and individuals with good borrowing history can now obtain their credit scores and use them to negotiate better loan terms with banks if Parliament repeals the interest rate capping ...

Category: business lifestyle news corporate economy opinion markets
1 days ago, 18:20
@BusinessDaily - By: John Mutua
Sober Central Kenya leads the pack

Central has one of the lowest rates of alcohol consumption according to a recent survey, highlighting the success of ongoing anti-drinking campaigns. ...

Category: business economy news markets corporate opinion lifestyle
1 days ago, 18:22
@BusinessDaily - By: Sam Kiplagat
Ngiritas can’t afford Sh5m NYS case bond

Five Ngirita family members on Wednesday pleaded with a Nairobi court to reduce their bond terms saying they could not raise the Sh5 million cash bail to secure their release. ...

Category: business lifestyle news corporate economy
2 days ago, 17:19
@BusinessDaily - By: Kevin Mutiso
LETTERS: Micro-lenders should work with regulators

Micro-lenders should however be ready to work with regulators to ensure that measures are put in place to ensure over-indebtedness becomes a thing of the past. ...

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