2 days ago, 16:18
@DailyNation -
“I donated my kidney to my husband”

Faith Wambui Thuo, 57 is a food technologist turned dairy farmer who shares here about her experience giving the man she loves one of her organs. ...

Category: lifestyle news
2 days ago, 16:19
@DailyNation - By: Liz Lundi
Judging on appearance

Liz and Chris’ night in Majengo continues – with a rather unpleasant surprise in store for Liz. ...

Category: lifestyle news
2 days ago, 14:55
@DailyNation - By: Louis Muiruri
LIFE BY LOUIS: Our mud skating skills were fit for the Olympics

The ongoing rains signify misery for those people who are caught by the unfortunate incidents of flash floods and other perils that come with the heavy rains. ...

Category: lifestyle news
2 days ago, 15:11
@DailyNation - By: Gloria Mwaniga
BY THE BOOK: Thomas Mlanda

Thomas Mlanda is a writer, literary theorist and critic. ...

Category: lifestyle news
2 days ago, 12:03
@BusinessDaily - By: Justus Ochieng'
Nyong'o joins Uhuru in Cuba

President Kenyatta is in Cuba for a three-day state visit. ...

Category: business lifestyle news economy markets opinion corporate
2 days ago, 13:43
@BusinessDaily - By: Victor Raballa
Western Kenya’s largest shopping mall opens its doors

Some of the tenants include the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), Bata, Sameer Africa and American hotel chain Best Western which has occupied the six-floor facility belonging to the Lake Basin ...

Category: business lifestyle news
2 days ago, 11:21
@BusinessDaily - By: Margaretta Wa Gac ...
Kenyan Who’s Taking Artworks to Golf Clubs

As the rich’s appetite for art grows, Tom Siambey exhibits and sells pieces in strategic spots. ...

Category: business corporate news economy markets lifestyle
2 days ago, 10:17
@BusinessDaily - By: Winnie Wangui
New Dishes at Hilton

Have you tried mursik cheese? It comes with salmon, chicken wings. ...

Category: business corporate news lifestyle opinion markets
2 days ago, 09:21
@DailyNation - By: Abigail Arunga

The 2003 series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is back, only this time it is rebooted and reloaded on Netflix as Queer Eye ...

Category: lifestyle news
2 days ago, 08:48
@BusinessDaily - By: Maureen Kakah
Labour court stops lecturers' strike

The Employment and Labour Relations Court has stopped the ongoing lecturers strike and declared it unlawful as well as unprotected.

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1 day ago, 17:11
@BusinessDaily - By: Brian Ngugi
Barclays launches mobile loan app

Barclays Bank of Kenya has launched a new mobile loans service dubbed Timiza, increasing the competition in the lucrative micro lending segment. ...

Category: business news opinion corporate markets economy lifestyle
1 day ago, 19:50
@DailyNation - By: Hilary Kimuyu
Why Kenya's film business is still going south

Mr Chris Foot has struggled to change the industry’s fortunes in the country. ...

Category: topnews news lifestyle
1 day ago, 20:57
@DailyNation - By: Mwalimu Andrew
Cracks in Mwisho wa Lami gave me hope of replacing Bensouda

When, last week, Bensouda took the action of firing Atlas, the BOM teacher who is one of Mwisho wa Lami’s finest brains, she was keen to show that she was in charge, and that she would not tolerate ...

Category: lifestyle news
1 day ago, 17:42
@DailyNation -
The genius who roamed the cosmos from a wheelchair

The 2014 film about his life, The Theory of Everything was nominated for several Academy Awards, and Eddie Redmayne, who played Hawking, won the Oscar for best actor. ...

Category: lifestyle news
1 day ago, 17:42
@DailyNation - By: Chris Hart
Getting back after break-up

You’ll both need to let go of anger and pain and be willing to change, forgive, and rebuild trust ...

Category: lifestyle news
1 day ago, 18:42
@DailyNation -
Live with the cycles of life

My friend Anna lives on Zanzibar Island. She moved there from the US several years back, seeking a change of pace from her hectic western life. ...

Category: topnews news lifestyle
1 day ago, 17:46
@DailyNation - By: John Fox
Divine flavours from Israel served in the heart of Nairobi

The food tour was like a mini version of the famous Shuk marketplace in Jerusalem ...

Category: lifestyle news
1 day ago, 17:45
@DailyNation - By: Caroline Njung'e
Why make promises you can’t really keep?

Unfortunately, by giving these false promises because we can’t say no,  we end up giving others false hope ...

Category: lifestyle news
1 day ago, 17:47
@DailyNation - By: Carol Odero
Is skincare biggest con?

There has been a variety of beauty and skin care products coming into the market lately and women are direct beneficiaries ...

Category: lifestyle news
1 day ago, 08:25
@DailyNation - By: Amos Ngaira
It’s musical deluge as poet Simaro turns 80

He may look frail, but one of Democratic Republic of Congo’s leading musicians, Lutumba Simaro Massiya, popularly known as the poet, is not down and out. ...

Category: lifestyle news
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