6 days ago, 05:40
@BusinessDaily - By: Galgallo Fayo
MPs have final say on ‘Robin Hood’ tax, AG tells court

KBA filed a suit seeking to suspend levying of a 0.05 per cent excise duty on transactions above Sh500,000 ...

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6 days ago, 03:00
Controversy over breastfeeding spews at WHO meeting

An international resolution promoting breastfeeding was at the center of negotiations between delegates from the US ...

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6 days ago, 19:00
@BusinessDaily - By: Tony Watima
WATIMA: CRB mechanism should be reviewed

There is need to prevent misuse of sensitive consumer information as well as privacy of consumer’s personal and financial information. ...

Category: business markets news corporate lifestyle economy opinion
6 days ago, 19:00
@BusinessDaily - By: Doreen Wainainah
Hospitality industry growth seen higher on new investment

The Kenyan hospitality industry is expected to grow more than eight per cent in 2018, buoyed by increased hotel investments. ...

Category: business news economy opinion markets lifestyle corporate
6 days ago, 19:00
@BusinessDaily - By: Simon Wafubwa
Retirement plan tips from the World Cup

Retirement, like football if not well planned can be disappointing when our goals are not well met. ...

Category: business markets news corporate lifestyle
6 days ago, 18:44
@BusinessDaily - By: Edwin Mutai
CA paid its directors Sh100,000 Christmas vouchers

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) illegally paid its directors and members of the Universal Service Advisory Council Sh2.1 million in Christmas shopping. ...

Category: business lifestyle news
6 days ago, 17:48
@BusinessDaily - By: Lucas Barasa Ann ...
Digital taxi drivers set for meeting to resolve strike

The government has moved to address grievances raised by digital taxi drivers to end strikes that have hit the sector since Monday last week. ...

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6 days ago, 17:46
@BusinessDaily - By: Patrick Alushula
CMA eyes private equity funds to end IPO drought

The capital markets regulator is wooing private equity (PE) firms in a bid to raise the number of companies listed on the stock market ...

Category: business lifestyle news
6 days ago, 16:20
@BusinessDaily - By: Constant Munda
Victoria Bank woos women with Sh1bn kitty

Women-led businesses will be the biggest beneficiary of the Sh1 billion loan Victoria Commercial Bank (VCB) has secured from a US lender. ...

Category: business lifestyle news markets
6 days ago, 16:00
@BusinessDaily - By: Tasma Saka
LETTERS: Action required to curb exam malpractices

If the ministry is serious that there is a cartel, name them and let the media prominently denounce them the way it was done to the 'cheating' principals and teachers. ...

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2 days ago, 18:00
@DailyNation - By: Rupi Mangat
OUT&ABOUT: Inside Lamu’s shopping district

It’s not Gucci and Louis Vuitton, but Lamu’s shopping scene is rich with history. ...

Category: topnews news lifestyle
2 days ago, 18:32
@DailyNation - By: Joan Thatiah
PLAIN TRUTH: Whenever you can, make a choice

Don’t forgo your right as a woman to have agency over your life and the direction it takes. ...

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2 days ago, 16:05
@BusinessDaily - By: Gerald Andae
South African wins M-Pesa apartment

Mr Lindenberg says he moved to Kenya over six years ago. ...

Category: business news lifestyle opinion markets economy
2 days ago, 14:40
@NairobiNews - By: James Kahongeh
7 rhinos die after botched translocation from Nairobi Park - Nairobi News

Seven black rhinos have died in unclear circumstances at the Tsavo East National Park. The seven were among 14 rhinos that were moved from Nairobi and Lake Nakuru national parks two weeks ago. The pro ...

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2 days ago, 13:19
@BusinessDaily - By: Margaretta Wa Gac ...
Beauty Derived from Trash

Artist gets old magazines from Dandora dumpsite and makes collage. ...

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2 days ago, 13:32
@BusinessDaily - By: Bd Reporter
CS Adan moved to EAC, Serem appointed ambassador

Mini-reshuffle sees Trade and EAC Cabinet Secretaries switched ...

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2 days ago, 12:30
@BusinessDaily - By: Bill Odidi
Whitney’s Life in New Film

Mary Jones who was the late singer’s assistant for the last 10 years of her life also says that Whitney shared the story of that childhood experience with her. ...

Category: business news lifestyle corporate markets
2 days ago, 12:20
@BusinessDaily - By: Dr Mukuhi Ng’ang’ ...
DR NG'ANG'A: Cancer in Babies

Leukemia is cancer of the bone marrow. ...

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2 days ago, 11:23
@BusinessDaily - By: Kalume Kazungu
Eating Seafood Atop an Old Tamarind Tree

The sprawling tamarind tree branches and leaves are part of the roof top. ...

Category: business opinion news markets lifestyle
2 days ago, 10:57
@BusinessDaily - By: Eunice Murathe
Snooker: Laidback but still popular

At the Mombasa Sports Club, there are two professional snooker tables with lighting and a cool ambience. ...

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