1 days ago, 18:10
@BusinessDaily - By: Ivy Nyayieka
StanChart moots video service for affluent clients

Standard Chartered Bank has opened a new channel for distributing wealth management products in the country. ...

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2 days ago, 17:00
@BusinessDaily - By: Editorial
EDITORIAL: Pay employees fairly

Financial reports for the public listed banks in last financial year ending December 2017, have made rather expected but shocking revelations. ...

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2 days ago, 12:55
@BusinessDaily - By: Bonface Otieno
Isuzu opens Sh700m vehicle body plant in Nairobi

The body-building facility is expected to create hundreds of jobs ...

Category: business lifestyle news economy markets corporate opinion
2 days ago, 07:45
@BusinessDaily - By: Victor Juma
Top two UAP executives get Sh105m annual pay

The figure is a drop from the Sh110.7m pay in previous period. ...

Category: business news corporate lifestyle markets opinion economy
2 days ago, 07:56
@BusinessDaily - By: Collins Omulo
Rains will be back this week, Met says

Lake Victoria basin, highlands around Rift Valley and the Coastal strip will receive rains for the next seven days. ...

Category: business opinion news economy corporate lifestyle markets
2 days ago, 07:06
@BusinessDaily - By: Victor Juma
Bank CEOs pay hits 50 times what staff earn

A typical bank employee needs five decades to equal a CEO’s pay in one year. ...

Category: business news lifestyle markets opinion economy
2 days ago, 07:11
@BusinessDaily - By: Geoffrey Irungu
Traders of fakes face Sh5m minimum fine

Move comes at the height of an intensified crackdown on counterfeit goods. ...

Category: business corporate news lifestyle opinion economy markets
2 days ago, 06:34
@BusinessDaily - By: George Omondi
Rotich beats retreat on new banking watchdog

Treasury assures CBK proposed law will not encroach on its role in banking ...

Category: business news topnews economy opinion markets
2 days ago, 03:00
@BusinessDaily - By: Charles Mwaniki
Rotich admits housing fund tax error in budget

Kenyans in formal employment will not contribute one per cent of their pay to the housing development fund as indicated in the Finance Bill, but will instead pay 0.5 per cent. ...

Category: business news corporate economy lifestyle markets opinion
2 days ago, 19:00
@BusinessDaily - By: Elvis Mboya
INDEPTH: Gap narrows on economic welfare of refugees, hosts

As the world marks World Refugees Day on Wednesday, focus will be on improving their economic welfare and that of host communities. ...

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11 hours ago, 05:52
@BusinessDaily -
Barclays wins first round in fight for Absa name

Move to block use of the name during trial thwarted on account of wrong document. ...

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23 hours ago, 18:08
@BusinessDaily - By: Galgallo Fayo
Ex-NBK executive hits back at CMA over employment ban

Former National Bank of Kenya (NBK) head of Treasury Solomon Alubala has moved to the High Court contesting penalties by the Capital Markets Authority. ...

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1 day ago, 17:43
@BusinessDaily - By: Abiud Ochieng
Waiguru seeks more time to serve Google with court papers

Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru has requested for an extension of time to enable her serve Google with court papers outside the country. ...

Category: business markets news economy
1 day ago, 16:27
@BusinessDaily - By: Editorial
EDITORIAL: Credit score plan timely

Credit reference firm Metropol says with the scores, borrowers can look for the cheapest rates from lenders in a non-controlled lending market. ...

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1 day ago, 16:27
@BusinessDaily - By: Editorial
EDITORIAL: Move to buy rapid transit buses locally the way to go

Buying buses locally marks a bigger official step in making the Buy-Kenya Build-Kenya mantra a reality. ...

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23 hours ago, 18:09
@BusinessDaily - By: Ivy Nyayieka
Posta gives DT Dobie and Isuzu Sh52 million orders

Postal Corporation of Kenya has given local vehicle assemblers DT Dobie and Isuzu East Africa a big boost with a Sh52.2 million order. ...

Category: business markets news
1 day ago, 16:07
@BusinessDaily - By: Ivy Nyayieka
Finding harmony: Art of making music from bottle tops, toy

Neo Musangi’s Studio 44 was a set-up of a type-writer. ...

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1 day ago, 13:01
@BusinessDaily - By: Charles Ouko
FlySax resumes Kitale flights after crash

Scores of passengers take resumption flight from Wilson Airport and the return flight from Kitale airport. ...

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1 day ago, 12:05
@BusinessDaily - By: Reuters
How UK supermarket pricing exploits farmers

Food producers don't earn earn enough to maintain a decent living standard. ...

Category: business news opinion lifestyle economy corporate markets
1 day ago, 10:04
@BusinessDaily - By: Annie Njanja
Carrefour set to open sixth store at Galleria mall

Retailer taking up the space previously occupied by Nakumatt. ...

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