3 days ago, 18:25
@BusinessDaily - By: Brian Ngugi
Deputy CBK boss to work past the retirement age of 60

Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) deputy governor Sheila M’Mbijjewe will work beyond the official retirement age of 60 years, keeping her in office until June next year. ...

Category: business news markets opinion corporate lifestyle economy
3 days ago, 17:22
@BusinessDaily - By: Constant Munda
KTDA turns to its land near city depot for logistics hub

KTDA will build a logistics centre in Nairobi, taking a major step in the push by the government to divert cargo to the standard gauge railway and put the expanded Nairobi Inland Container Depot to ...

Category: business markets news economy lifestyle opinion corporate
3 days ago, 16:48
@BusinessDaily - By: Brian Ngugi
CBK says rate cap undermines independence

A new report by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) says interest rate caps have undermined the conduct of monetary policy. ...

Category: business news markets opinion corporate lifestyle economy
3 days ago, 16:45
@BusinessDaily - By: Gerald Andae
Kenya coffee fetches premium price at New York exchange

Kenya’s coffee continues to fetch a premium price in the world market. ...

Category: business news markets opinion corporate lifestyle economy
3 days ago, 16:42
@BusinessDaily - By: Brian Ngugi
Manufacturers biggest bank loan defaulters

Manufacturing companies have become the biggest bank loan defaulters ...

Category: business news markets opinion corporate lifestyle economy
3 days ago, 15:50
@BusinessDaily - By: Bonface Otieno
NEMA says flooded Green-Park Estate not on riparian land

The section of the upmarket Green-Park Estate in Athi River that was flooded after Stoni Athi River burst its banks does not lie on riparian land, the National Environment and Management Authority (NE ...

Category: business news lifestyle markets corporate economy opinion
3 days ago, 13:53
@BusinessDaily - By: Victor Raballa
Auctioneers descend on Uchumi in rent row

Pambo Auctioneers stormed the retailer's premises at West End Mall allegedly on instructions from the owner of the building.

Category: business news opinion corporate
3 days ago, 13:35
@TheStar - By: Star Reporter @th ...
Cambridge Analytica confirms involvement in Kenyan elections

British data mining firm Cambridge Analytica has confirmed that it was behind the TNA and Jubilee presidential election campaigns in 2013 and 2017. In a undercover film broadcast on Channel 4 News in ...

Category: topnews news sports oped opinion
3 days ago, 12:51
@BusinessDaily - By: James Kariuki
Drones firm in plea to reduce fees for would be owners

An unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) company has called for a review of licensing fees imposed on would-be owners terming the newly gazetted charges prohibitive.

Category: business economy news corporate opinion markets lifestyle
3 days ago, 11:43
@BusinessDaily - By: James Ngunjiri
Why insurance sales agents will not be exiting the stage soon

Insurance companies are set to increase the number of sales agents and equip them with the right skills to navigate the ever-changing market. ...

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1 day ago, 18:27
@BusinessDaily - By: Editorial
EDITORIAL: Food imports spike worrying

Latest reports that food imports grew 58.33 per cent in January to Sh20.9 billion from Sh13.2 billion a year earlier make for a very depressing read. ...

Category: business economy news lifestyle corporate markets opinion
1 day ago, 18:40
@BusinessDaily - By: Bonface Otieno
Why SGR train fare to Mombasa has risen to Sh1,000

Kenya Railways has increased the fare on the standard gauge rail (SGR) train between Nairobi and Mombasa by 42 per cent to Sh1,000 to pay the Chinese firm operating the rail. ...

Category: business news economy markets corporate lifestyle opinion
1 day ago, 17:37
@TheEastAfrican - By: Tee Ngugi
Kenyan politics revolves around superficial identity rather than national consciousness

What ails Kenya, is the absence of what can be termed as a ‘central organising ethos’ ...

Category: oped opinion news
1 day ago, 17:13
@TheEastAfrican - By: Elsie Eyakuze
Don’t ask whether women are better leaders, ask when women leaders will be the norm

As Angela Merkel wins her fourth term in Germany, I stand somewhat conflicted. ...

Category: oped opinion news
1 day ago, 17:13
@TheEastAfrican - By: Fredrick Golooba- ...
Germany has no term limits, so why demonise China?

The change was about choice and the need to strengthen the country’s leadership. ...

Category: oped opinion news
1 day ago, 18:28
@DailyNation -
The cutting edge

Anthony Gathendu is calling for a robust national campaign to push for an end to FGM. ...

Category: oped opinion news
1 days ago, 15:00
@TheEastAfrican - By: Joachim Buwembo
Big hearted Uganda sweetening the lives of Brazilian farmers and killing its own

The latest victims are 100,000 sugarcane growers. ...

Category: topnews news oped opinion
1 days ago, 13:45
@BusinessDaily - By: Collins Omulo
Work together to solve traffic jams, Uhuru tells Sonko and

The president also ordered the two to expedite an ambitious Bus Rapid Transport plan ...

Category: business lifestyle news markets economy opinion
1 days ago, 10:54
@DailyNation - By: Abigail Arunga
Women’s magazine ‘True Love’ appears to have run out of cover ideas

Editors might be okay with this fallacy of success but we are not. ...

Category: oped opinion news
2 days ago, 07:27
@BusinessDaily - By: Galgallo Fayo
Karuturi, Stanbic trade fraud claims in debt war

Flower firm accuses lender of suppressing sales and exchange rate ...

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