BLOG: What's the purpose of life when death strips us of everything? - Nairobi News - 10 July 2018 15:20

Nairobi Wife

What is life? What is our purpose here? Will we ever know when we achieve it?

This past week has reminded me how fleeting this thing we call life is and how we can’t possibly determine our future. Our plans, our dreams… they could all be for nought.

It started last Friday, when I saw a post on Facebook about the passing on of a former schoolmate. I had met her again while at university so the news was quite shocking. It had been a while, but I cried like I had just met her the day before. She was sick and died while receiving treatment. She was not yet even 30 years old.

Later in the week, I happened to stumble upon the recovery process of a body that had been found in on a footbridge in Westlands. The man had died in the gap between the pillar and stairs of the footbridge.

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