CITY GIRL: Eric Omondi’s bashers have no sense of humour - Nairobi News - 2 Mar 2018 17:53

City Girl

Eric Omondi, one of Kenya’s leading comedians, is in trouble. This week, he posted a video on social media that many thought was out of line and a violation of the rights of the children captured in the clip. In the video, the comedian is seen covering his nether regions using his hands while joining a group of naked boys for a skinny dip in a river somewhere in rural Kenya. To say that Kenyans, especially those active on social media, were angry could be the understatement of the month. They were livid. How could Eric, a celebrated comedian, dare to film naked children and even worse, share the video on social media? Does he know anything about children’s rights? Eric bowed to pressure and apologised using his social media pages saying: “I have been a comedian all my life… Many are the times that I have erred… Today was ...
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