CITY GIRL: Why the new cybercrimes law is just what we need - Nairobi News - 10 months ago, 25 Maý 18:12

Njoki Chege

On Monday, a photo of a woman was posted on social media, with a caption suggesting she was the person who had been shot dead at City Park the previous day. At the time of the post, Kenyans had not yet seen pictures of the victim of the Sunday morning shooting.

Turns out, the photo posted on social media that Monday evening was that of a different Ms Wangui Waiyaki, a public relations professional.

The clueless amateurs who had posted it had no doubt earlier searched the Internet for the name “Janet Wangui Waiyaki” and landed on the LinkedIn profile of “Wangui Waiyaki”. In their ignorance, they decided that she must be the victim of the shooting and they posted the picture.

As far as they were concerned, she fitted the profile. She was pretty enough to catch the eye, a married woman — enough to spark controversy — especially since police reports ...
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