Redsan Sends A Message To Promoters That Tried Profiting Off His Album Launch - ZUMI - 5 months ago, 18 Sep 20:43

By: Desiree Gogo

Following the successful release of his album launch, Redsan has been elated by how the night turned out and took his joy to Instagram thanking his fans, Tiwa Savage and Demarco for making the night a success.

“Please stop trying to drag our good names in mud, GOD has already cleaned us. What more could you do? To our media houses, I wanna say thank you; for not jumping to conclusions, for being patient and mostly for coming out in large numbers to support my album launch. Thank you for being present as we made history on Saturday.

I wanna thank all my fans who came out and all my fans around the world. @TiwaSavage and I couldn’t be tighter, she came personally for my gig and did an amazing show including my bro @DemarcoDaDon so for the haters out there wishing it’s me in the middle of all this guess what? ...
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