6 Lines Broke Kenyan Men Use On Women - ZUMI - 5 months ago, 20 Sep 13:17

By: Vanessa Waithira

Broke Kenyan men have a way of making you feel like money is not everything. They come with lines that make you feel like you need to do more, that you need to be simple, you need to love him as he is. Kenyan broke men are the bitter men in our society, they claim that Kenyan women are too much and that there are no good women.

He could be simple in terms of his personality but he could also be saying that because he is broke. He has to warn you in advance that he is broke and is not about extravagance because he is insecure. He knows that you will wants dates or probably expect some amount of treatment but nope he cannot because he is simple.

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He has this business that hasn’t picked up in such a long time. That business is a plan ...
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