BLOG: Why women fake orgasms - Nairobi News - 17 Feb 2018 10:00

Maggie Shiks

Maybe I’m the only remaining human being who thinks pornography has inculcated sex expectations; it has corrupted our minds into thinking that penetrative sex can actually make women ‘come’ or assume there is a recipe for female orgasm. And for sure this works regularly, but at times it doesn’t work (unfortunately) –we fake it rather than spending more time and effort working for it. You will ask why? But I will gladly say “it’s complicated…” I, however, believe it’s an abhorrent crime to fake an orgasm. We tend to teach men that they are so good in hammering and can make us “come” with a rapid thrust alone. The fact remains that most non-orgasmic women can’t climax from penetrative intercourse alone. They need direct stimulation –way more direct clitoral stimulation than you’d ever think is necessary. So yeah, someone has probably faked an orgasm with you. Don’t panic, just talk ...
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