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By: Star Team

JUST why is a cartel of suspended Kenya Airways security personnel hell-bent on frustrating the stringent standard operational security measures by the airline to guarantee the safety of passengers? Corridors of Power is reliably informed that the group that was sent parking by the airline in tough security guidelines failed to meet the security intelligence threshold set by the management. A highly rated former government intelligence and security official who was recently hired to scale up security at JKIA is said to have transformed the place with thorough guidelines aimed at weeding out incompetent personnel who have over the years become complacent. Now the cartel is fighting back through blackmail in a smear campaign targeting the security management. Will they succeed?



WE told you last week of an officer in the police investigations department who has refused to leave his Kiambu office even after retirement and how the place ...
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DNA test for woman who claims hospital swapped her baby with a dead one

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Digital data registration safe, State official says

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Terror suspect set free as magistrate blames police for poor investigations

A man charged with 10 counts of terrorism was yesterday acquitted for lack of evidence. Yasir Azam Abdulakhan had been charged with being in possession of a pistol and three rounds of ammunition ...

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TSC seeks Sh27 billion to hire more teachers

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Nestle and other brands pull YouTube ads over child exploitation fears

Nestle and other major companies have pulled their ads from YouTube after a video blogger raised concerns that pedophiles were using the platform to trade information and draw attention to clips of ...

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Look for smart ways to recover HELB loans, threats don't work

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